Get Ready!

We’re excited that you / your child are planning to join us at Camp Niangua! Here is some important information each camper needs to be aware of.

1. Know the expectations

Nobody loves rules. But having a few in place ensures everyone stays safe and has a great time. By completing registration, each camper agrees to the expectations of our camp rules.

  1. Anyone who spends the night at camp must first register.
  2. Anyone who damages camp equipment of property shall pay for those damages.
  3. No one shall bring/use tobacco, narcotics or alcoholic beverages on campgrounds. Those who do so may be expelled from the camp and lose further privileges.
  4. Profanity will not be tolerated by anyone on the campgrounds.
  5. No one shall move camp items from one place to another without permission from the camp board. Items that are moved must be returned before camp is over.
  6. No container or device shall be used to propel or project any substance on another person or property. This includes shaving cream, paint, water balloons, etc. Any damages will be paid for by those responsible. Some water games may be played under the supervision of the Camp Board.
  7. A person must be at least 20 years old before serving as a sponsor.
  8. Each church sending boys and girls to camp must provide a sponsor for them.
  9. Campers are required to attend all assemblies, classes and worship services. All sponsors and workers are expected to attend evening worship services.
  10. After registering, no one shall leave the campgrounds without notifying the camp director or board member and signing the checkout list.
  11. All medication of campers will be stored at the First Aid Center and dispensed by the camp nurse. Prescription medication must be in original container. This is to ensure the safety of your child and others.
  12. Health regulations require that no unauthorized persons shall be in the kitchen area.  No unauthorized person shall take ice from the icemaker in the dining hall.
  13. Cell phone use should be kept to a minimum. Cell phones are prohibited in restrooms and the pool house / pool area.

The swimming pool has a 10′ privacy fence; and there is no mixed swimming.  Therefore, there is no formal dress code for swimming.  However, each church may choose to implement specific guidelines for its campers.

Everyone must be fully clothed when going to and from the pool.  Simply having a towel wrapped around oneself is not acceptable.

Cell phones and cameras are prohibited in the pool house and pool area.

2. Make sure you are registered

There are two steps to the registration process:
1. Each camper must be registered, and this step can be done online here.

2. Each person who will be staying overnight at Camp Niangua must provide a completed (printed) “Medical and Registration Form” upon arrival. This form not only keeps our insurance provider happy but also makes sure that we are able to properly care for campers in case of a medical emergency.

3. Come prepared

In addition to arriving with your completed registration & emergency medical form, come prepared with the right items and the right attitude ready to have a great time and experience God in a new way.

A packing list and daily schedule is available for you so that you may plan accordingly.

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